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Vikas Adhyayan Kendra (VAK) is a secular voluntary organisation established in 1981 to be an interface between Scholars, Academics and Social Activists; to initiate the process of social awakening through critical reflection and alternative discourse thereby contributing to strengthening people's struggles towards the goal of a just and more humane social order.

Focus Areas »

People are the subjects and makers of history. Their creative energies are expressed in their day-to-day activities as well as in their movements. These valuable experiences often, however, remain undiscovered and diffused. A crucial need is to crystallize and consolidate these experiences so as to lead towards a critical social theory.

  • Socio-Legal Empowerment.
  • Education for Pluralism.
  • Promoting Resilience Livelihood Practices.
  • Strengthening Governance and Civic Rights.

Strategies »

  • Direct Community Based Interventions.
  • Capacity Building of Grassroots Practitioners.
  • Creating linkages and alliances with likeminded organizations & PPl
  • Action Research & Study.

Areas Of Interventions »

VAK will continue working in western India namely Maharashtra,Goa and Gujarat. However it can also work in other areas in collaboration with likeminded organizations on the same issues.

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