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"Intervention" is a journal on the Dalit question. It aims in furthering the ongoing debates and discussions to clarify and arrive at a better understanding of the various dimensions of the Dalit Question. It will also deal with the future of the Dalit Politics through a process of theoretical enquiry and critical reflections. "Intervention" will also contribute towards alternative discourses to the challenges of the prevailing hegemonic discourses and lead to shared perspective on the Dalit Universe that seeks the redefinition of the Dalit Universe that seeks the redefinition of the Dalit self, both at the theoretical and political realm.

The inaugural issue of "Intervention" series1/2005 (December) - "Atrophy in Dalit Politics", edited by Gopal Guru

The authors in this inaugural issue point out that Dalit politics today has become rudderless and gone astray owing to claims and counterclaims launched from both within and from without the Dalit front. The total lack of social vigilance among the poor Dalit masses is exploited by self-appointed Dalit and as well as non Dalit 'messiahs' thereby exacerbating the plight of the Dalits.



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