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State Level Programme in Kerala

Plachimada Struggle: People's Rights over Natural Resources for Life with Dignity

Excessive mining of ground water by the Hindustan Coca Cola factory in Plachimada, Kerala situated in the rain shadow region, has led to extracting of around 1 million litres of ground water per day from the aquifers, seriously damaging the ground water levels. The water scarcity and the carcinogenic waste contamination of available water within 2 km radius of the plant has touched very critical level this summer. This has destroyed the livelihood support systems of the local communities. Hydrological studies point out that the rain shadow aquifers in the region are drying up rapidly as indicated by the fall in the water levels. The continued extraction of ground water at this magnitude by the company results in deterioration of water quality by disturbing the natural concentration of earthen salts. This increases both the salinity, concentration of heavy metals and fluoride content of the water, making it unfit for potable use as is evident in the water from the open wells in Plachimada.

ii) Study on the environmental impact and damage assessment of the Coco-cola factory in Plachimada, Palakkad, Kerala

To study the impact of excessive extraction of ground water by the Coca-Cola plant. After 3 years of its operation, the hydrological system has dried up. The local people holds that a scientific study aimed at identifying the social and environmental impact of the plant including the destruction of the ecosystem as well as the destruction of livelihood system would enable the community to file compensation claims from the Hindustan Coca - Cola Company.

Broad objectives of the project

The project proposes to conduct in-depth assessment of the impact of the Coco-cola factory and the damage it caused on ground water due to excessive drawing of water by the factory. A study on the land pollution caused by the wastes from the factory also will be conducted in detail. The drought situation in the vicinity of the factory as also the pollution of the ground water by the factory are the other areas of study.



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