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State Level Programme in Maharashtra

Community Health Programme

The rapid and high increasing of the slum population has created serious health problems for its inhabitants. The existing urban health services are under pressure and services in the slum areas are most vulnerable and inadequate. Most of the women there suffer from grade II, grade III malnutrition and chronic anemia. None can afford the cost of anti-natal care and although most go the nearby municipal hospital for deliveries the incidence of death at childbirth are not unknown. As a result most children are born malnourished and continue with chronic malnutrition and anemia.

Vikas Adhyayan Kendra opened a Medical Clinic at the Azmi Nagar in 2003. The main objective of the clinic is to reach out to the poor and needy patients who cannot afford the cost for medical treatment of private practitioners.

The clinic functions thrice a week. It is run by qualified medical persons, Lady doctor with MBBS qualification and other Lady doctor with Ayurveda. Clinics are held regularly.


  • To provide basic health services.
  • To identify the factors affecting the health and socio-economic well-being of women and children.
  • To improve the awareness and health status of adolescent girls.
  • To improve awareness about health through initial training and in service training.
  • To reduce malnutrition, Morbidity, Mortality.
  • To promote small family norm as a component of maternal health and economic health of the families.
  • To co-ordinate with Government agencies and their proper implementation.
  • To train local workers to help in the delivery of health services and make people aware of their health needs through health education programmes at individual, group and community levels.
  • The programme has tried to focus activities on expansion of prevention-oriented activities rather than just treating ailments.



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