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Chengara Land Struggle in a Historical Perspective
- George K. Alex

Life & Livelyhood: Experience of Banboo workers in Kerala
- Madhi Narayan / Ajith A.S

Quest for Social Justice
- Ram Puniyani
The Debt Crisis:
From Europe To Where
- Sushovan Dhar, Sundara Babu Nagappan
The Lives of Women Bar Works in Mumbai
Geeta Thatra

Patriarchy and Caste
- T. Marx & Sundara Babu N.

Dalit Cultural Movement & Dialectics of Dalit Politics in Maharashtra - Gopal Guru
Dancing to Global Capital Media in India - Pranjali Bandhu

Economic Reforms and Missing Safety Nets - Prof. K. S. Chalam
Education in India - Perilious Prospects - K. N. Panikkar

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