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VAK's Engagement with Water Issues > What's been in the Newspapers > February 2008

"Widening rich-poor divide, water scarcity to impact global balance", undated , The Economic Times

Growing water scarcity, competing extremists, worldwide financial crisis, widening gap between haves and have-nots, along with the rise of Russia , China , Iran and the Euroean Union, are some of the factors that will influence global security and economy in the next decade, according to the findings of a recent survey by a Mumbai based think-tank. Strategic Foresight Group (SFG) has come out with a survey of surveys that highlights 20 emerging issues that will shape the world across sectors and geographies from 2011 to 2020. Of the 20 serious factors, the report has short listed Top 5 issues that need to be watched closely. The widening gap between the rich and poor tops the list. Wealth not trickling down to the poor seems to be helping fuel extremism. The report also states that it is not a bipolar world anymore, rise of Russia , China , Iran , the EU and diminishing importance of the dollar may create friction between the countries and the sole superpower.

The report also states that the financial imbalance between the major debtor and creditor nations poses the risk of collapse of global financial system which may lead to extreme protectionism and trade wars. This could perhaps lead to global military confrontation, too.

Water, too, will play a major role in deciding the world's stability in next few years. "Water scarcity in emerging economies like China , India , South Africa and Turkey may put breaks on their growth, create food insecurity and eventually impair the world economic growth.

Other issues such as energy security, spread of nuclear weapons, competition in space, stability of imformation infrastructure will also play a crucial role in deciding world peace.



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