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VAK's Engagement with Water Issues > What's been in the Newspapers > June 2008

"CMZ notification angers fishermen community", 3rd June 2008, The Indian Express

The new Coastal Management Zone (CMZ) draft notification has led to seething unrest amongst the fishing community that believes that the proposed law dilutes several livelihood safeguards while making allowances for tourism and recreational activities. The new notification has expanded the list of ecologically sensitive areas to include sand beaches and sand dunes in the category of mangroves, coral reefs and mud flats. But as in the case of the earlier CRZ 1 areas, the 500 mts No Development Zone from high tide line will no longer exist in CMZ 1. While some delegates and builders contemplated on how developer-friendly the CZM was, others pointed out that the lack of a clear-cut NDZ poses the biggest threat to the coastal city. Environmentalists believed that clarity is needed in the setback line. Debi Goenka, of Bombay Environmentalists Action Group said, "The question remains whether the CZM rules are made to protect environment or to support builders. In a builder controlled situation, the setback line could even go 20 nautical mile into the sea."

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